We need more Action in Karachi

On 18th April for the first time I went to the ‘Dew Action Event’ thanks to Kashif who give me free passes for the event. We reached at the Moin Khan Academy at 5pm and asked at Gate 2 If we can go in and they said come after an hour. As they’ve mentioned on the passes that the gates will be closed at 6pm we thought it will be good to go early at the event but in a public event like this you can expect anything, so we went to The Place’s Food Court.

Gates will close at 6pm as mentioned in the pass

Gates will close at 6pm as mentioned in the pass

After an hour we checked through the windows and there was a huge line in front of the Gate 2 and lots of them are going through the other gate. They only let couples and families through Gate 2 and stags were going to the Gate 3. They divided families and stags just to avoid chaos. There was a huge crowd walking with us towards Gate 3 where they checked every person through security gates, their bags and their NICs. And when we went inside already lots of people were standing inside the ground of Moin Khan Academy and the families were sitting on stairs of the stadium. In between there was a ramp for the bike stunts.

Fredrik Berggren with Nick De Wit

Fredrik Berggren with Nick De Wit

The show starts at 7:30pm with an introduction of the International FMX riders who came from different countries. Nick De Wit has been to 34 different countries and he is South Africa’s No.1 Fmx Rider from 2002 to 2009. Fredrik Berggren aka FrogFmx is from Sweden who he also performed in many countries. The last one was Dallan Goldman who was from Johannesburg and the youngest of them all. Then they started with some crazy FMX Stunts including Whip, Cliff hanger, Back flip, and many more. I was so amazed to see those stunts. There is a short video I shot where Dallan Goldman doing a cliff hanger stunt. You can hear how loud was the crowd at the event.

Cliffhanger stunt by FMX Rider at the Dew Action Event from farmansha on Vimeo.

After that there was a break where Gumby showed his magic on the drums.

Gumby at the drums

Gumby at the drums

Then they introduced us to the Dew Crew including Hamza Ali Khan (an actor) , Khitab Khan who has been to around the world on his bike and Moin Khan who has been to San Francisco on his bike.

Hamza Ali Khan at Dew Action Event

Hamza Ali Khan at Dew Action Event

After that the Dew Action began again with more insane FMX Stunts where all three riders where doing different stunts at the same time with some individual stunts. Here is another short video where Nick De Wit is doing a The Double Grab Stunt.

The Double Grab FMX stunt by Nick De Wit at the Dew Action Event from farmansha on Vimeo.

The show ended at 9:45pm then there was a concert by JOSH which I skipped cos I was getting late. With this ‘Mountain Dew Action Event’ they proved that there is no security issues in Karachi or in Pakistan and International Athletes can come and perform without any hassle. And we really need more Action in Karachi as we had very few events like this. If they were managed by much experienced people.

Yes! There was some mismanagement at the Gate 2 as lots of people were trying to get in at 8pm. To avoid this they closed the doors and only let ladies in while their other family members were standing outside and yelling. They asked to the crowd that if they want to go inside please go to the Gate 3 but they all want to go through the Gate 2 as their family members were inside. In the stags area people were throwing Mountain Dew bottles in the air few people got hit too. BullsEye distributed 100s of free passes to the different people and then they giveaway them for free to others and some of them were sold too.  So this was expected.







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