The unforgettable Ramadan of 2015

I am born and raised in Karachi but I haven’t seen anything like this before in my city. Before Ramadan there was a massive shortage of water supply in different parts of Karachi followed by massive power failures by KElectric. KE blamed the Sui Southern Gas Company for the problem saying that the latter was not supplying gas to its units with the pressure required and also had not paid its arrears. The power utility also said the unusual hot weather in the city had significantly increased the power demand, causing its feeders to trip.

Ramadan started on 19th June and still people of Karachi are suffering from shortage of water supply and unscheduled load shedding by KElectric. On 21st June (Saturday) temperature hits a high of a scorching 44.8 degrees Celsius, just short of an all-time high in the city of 47 degrees Celsius in June 1979. Many people died due to Heat Strokes. Provincial government had imposed a state of emergency at all hospitals, cancelled leave for doctors and other medical staff, and increased stocks of medical supplies.

Till now more than 700 people have died due to heat strokes. Edhi Morgue had been packed to capacity with heatwave deaths and other casualties. Rest of them had been buried in the cemetery cos of shortage of space.

Here are some tips to prevent heat stroke:

How to prevent heat stroke

How to prevent heat stroke

All govt. hospitals are filled with heat stroke patients. Few days ago I’ve visited Jinnah Hospital and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. At JPMC they were treating patients in the waiting area, on the floor and beds stretchers. Both hospitals had shortage of staff. Recently Army has taken over JPMC and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and lots of Medical students are volunteering at these hospitals too. As there isn’t much space left in govt. hospitals for patients, Army and Rangers has setup medical camp in the city to facilitate them.

Alhamdulillah! Now situation is under control at JPMC, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and Civil Hospital. Lots of people have donated different medical supplies to these hospitals. And still lots of NGOs and people are donating with the coordination of the medical staff at these hospitals. Its really good to see people came together and donate generously.

If you want to donate anything, you can contact here:


May Allah ease rest of the Ramadan for all of us, Ameen!


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