Month: February 2016

Why #KarachiTeaFestival is unique from #KarachiFoodFestival

Karachi Tea Festival

Karachi Tea Festival

For the first time in Pakistan! Karachi Tea Festival is happening this weekend at Frere Hall, Karachi from 4th to 6th March 2016. Yesterday I’ve attended a meeting at T2F organized by the team of Karachi Tea Festival to share their idea behind this festival.

Karachi Tea Festival

Meeting was attended by famous politicians Faisal Subswari, Syed Ali Raza Abidi and renowned TV anchor Madeha Naqvi. Lots of people have shared their ideas to make this festival more better. Its a families only event with 250Rs. for entry charges. Timings for first day will be 6pm-11pm while 2nd and 3rd day it will starts from 10am till 11pm.

Karachi Tea Festival

Tea and Rusk after the meeting

These are the following reasons why Karachi Tea Festival is unique from Karachi Food Festival.

– There will be a special hour for special persons on 2nd day of the festival from 10am-11am. There will be free entry for them.

– On third day there will be senior citizen hour from 10am-11am. Their entry will be free at this hour.

– Aman Baat Cheet Dhaba from Lyari will there too.

– T2F will be setting up their stall and story telling sessions by famous authors.

– Cafe Pyala will be there too, serving tea in their special pyalas.

– Khana Badhosh will be setting up their camp and media wall where people can know more about this group.

Mai Dhai will be at Thar stall on all 3 days of the festival.

Shaukhat Khanum Hospital has came up with the unique idea of collecting donations called ‘Tea with Celebrity’. Where anyone can pay to have tea with different celebrities.

– For the first time ‘Karachi Tea Festival’ has two official media partners, Dawn and Hum Network.

– There is a special Hi-tea section from 10 different countries from around the world.

– There will be a fusion performance of Qawwali with Jazz music on 2nd of the festival from 9pm.

– On 2nd and 3rd day there will be Qawwali performance at the main stage.

– You can have rusk, bakarkhani and nankhatai with chai at different stalls at the festival.


Deadpool Review

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On 18th Feb. 2016 I’ve seen the most hilarious superhero movie called ‘Deadpool’ at Atrium Cinemas. It is the eighth film in the X-Men franchise which is also a part of X-Men Cinematic Universe. The movie has been highly publicized thanks to its marketing team, they produced different ads and TV spots. My favorite is this one……

The story was about Wade Wilson played by Ryan Reynolds is a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary. His world comes crashing down when evil scientist Ajax tortures, disfigures and transforms him into Deadpool. It’s a directorial debut of Tim Miller who was the creative supervisor for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Deadpool is the Kevin Spacey from House of Cards but in a funny way. He loves to talks to his audience in the middle of the scene. This is not a movie you’ll be watching with your girlfriend…

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Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Marvellous Creations Review

On Saturday 13th February 2016, I was invited to the launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk’s New Marvellous Creations at the Marvellous Creations Carnival at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi. They had setup lots of interactive fun activities for all the visitors, especially for the children like Candy Crush and dart game followed by free tasting of the new exciting flavors.

Marvellous Creations Carnival

Kids playing Candy Crush

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations brings together a magical mix of delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with fun candy store ingredients that make for a surprise in every bite. It has been launched in two of the most popular variants: Jelly Popping Candy (160g and 38g) and Cookie Gummy Crunch (38g) with the larger bar ideally positioned for sharing with family and friends.

The wrapper designs are really cool and very eye catching. I think they look a lot more fun and quirky than regular Dairy Milk bars. Opening the wrappers I was met with the unmistakable aroma of Cadbury Dairy Milk. I couldn’t wait to tuck in! The blocks are irregularly shaped which I think this is a nice idea as it adds to the overall “fun” experience of these bars. In Jelly Popping Candy, the jelly pieces added a lovely fruity chewiness to the creamy chocolate, and the sugar coated candy added a nice bit of crunch. As you would expect, the popping candy crackles in your mouth and gives you a weird fizzy sensation. Although I love Cookie Gummy Crunch as it got sweet crunchy fruit jellies and biscuit which makes it very moreish bar.

For all the chocolate lovers its a must try! Tou kiyoun na kuch meetha hojaye ?


Pizza Hut’s New Doritos Pizza Review

As I love Doritos and Pizza, last night I tried Pizza Hut’s new Doritos Pizza Chicken Fajita flavor. They delivered it on time and it was oven hot. It was a thin crust pizza topped with Doritos. The chips gave the pizza a satisfying crunch and contrasted nicely with the thin doughy base. I think Pizza Hut has came up with the best idea so far to serve Doritos and cheesy dough pizza together.

Doritos Pizza

From the first bite, that is one complex pizza. Under the Doritos there is a thin crust, topped with white gooey cheese and chicken fajita chunks. Just when your mouth thinks it has a handle on the texture, it all changes.

Doritos Pizza by Pizza Hut

Overall it was a must try pizza. It was not dry as people said but quite yummy and crunchy.


Pizza Hut launches Doritos Pizza in Pakistan

Pizza Hut, one of the largest international food chains in Pakistan and a pioneer within the pizza industry, today hosted a #CrunchParty in Karachi to launch their crunchy Doritos Pizza in alliance with PepsiCo.

Held at the Pizza Hut Boat Basin branch, the #CrunchParty was a happening evening out for the Karachi socialites & celebrities, as well members of the digital, print and electronic media, which included the unveiling of the Doritos Pizza, pizza tasting for the guests & a host of Minute to Win It games moderated by Anoushay Ashraf, the host of the #CrunchParty.

Anushay Ashraf

Anushay Ashraf

The newly launched Pizza Hut product features sweet chili Doritos under and on top of the pizza crust and have been spiced up with flavorful sauce at the base. Doritos Pizza has been introduced around Pakistan in all the popular Pizza Hut toppings, including the local favorite ‘The Chicken Tikka Pizza’.

“The Pizza Hut team is excited to always being a step ahead of the local market, and consistently bringing in innovative products for our customers across the country”, explained Marya Khan Chief Marketing and Innovator Officer (CMIO) MCR PVT LTD.

Maria Khan CMIO Pizza Hut

Maria Khan CMIO Pizza Hut

“We are looking forward to another year of raising the bar in the food business, and the launch of the new Doritos Pizza not only sets us on a new path of product innovation but also reinforces the global brand alliance that Pizza Hut & PepsiCo enjoy”, said a spokesperson of PepsiCo.

Doritos Pizza

Doritos Pizza

The size of Doritos Pizza is bigger than the usual large pizzas, sized at 14-inches, and has been introduced with its own distinguished Pizza Box too.

Pizza Hut Team Launch of new Doritos Pizza

Pizza Hut Team Launch of new Doritos Pizza

The newly launched Doritos Pizza is available at all Pizza Hut branches across Pakistan for dine in, take away and home delivery via telephone on 111-241-241 or online at: