First Official Instameet Thatta

On 23rd April, 2016 together with Noor Unnahar we organized the FIRST Official Instameet Thatta at Keenjhar Lake. Every year twice Instagram announced themes for Worldwide Instameet. This year’s theme was Earth Day. We planned a road-trip form Karachi to Keenjhar Lake, Thatta to explore the beauty of second largest fresh water lake in Pakistan. As we registered our Instameet, Instagram sends us Instameet Kit for our meetup.

Instameet Thatta

Photo by Noor Unnahar

On Saturday morning we gathered at a meeting point and after having breakfast we started our adventurous trip. Reached Keenjhar Lake at 12:30pm. We had an introduction session followed by little speech by Noor explaining Instameet tasks. We visit very famous Noori Jam Tamachi’s grave in the middle of the lake via speed boats.

Instameet Thatta

Our speed boat ride to Noori Jam Tamachi tomb


Instameet Thatta

Mai Noori and Shah Hondru’s grave

When everyone got done with their tasks we left for the lunch. Stopped at Al-Makka Restaurant near Makli graveyard where we had biryani.

Instameet Thatta


Here we decided to visit Makli graveyard as it was quite near from that restaurant.

Instameet Thatta

Our group photo at Makli

Alhamdulillah! We reached Karachi at 6:30pm, all instagrammers had great time with us. You can find more photos of Instameet Thatta on my Instagram or #InstameetThatta and #WWIM13Thatta.

Recently Jadirah, Noor and Areeba blogged about our Instameet on their blog.


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