KHIBookSwap – Story so far

The Beginning:

I had a dream that there should be a book club where readers from twitter should gather and share their love for the books. Back in August, 2014 that dream became reality thanks to Ifrah Waqar. Together we made Pakistan’s first ever Book-Swapping Book Club called KHIBookSwap. We had our first meeting in August with only three members and now we have 130 members at our Facebook Group.

How it works:

Every month we decide and announced theme for our meetup. It could be ‘Genre of the Month’ or ‘Book of the Month’. Then we meet and discuss it accordingly and swap books at the end of our meeting. In between we do different activities like Book Shopping or Blind Date with a Book.


Currently there are three projects in progress. There is an instagram hash-tag series #KBSKitabReview where our members upload a book cover photo which they’ve finished recently on instagram with a small review and its rating out of 5. Recently I started two new projects Word Inc. and KBSSnailMail.

Word Inc. is a yearly online magazine where I include selected prose and poetry shared by our members via email. If you want to be part of it, kindly share your prose or poetry at First issue can be read here.

KBSSnailMail is a project where I combine snail mail with book swap, rules for this project can be found here.

Alhamdulillah! Now we have completed 2 years. In these years we have become a family, where we shared our favorite quotes and books, explored different genres and celebrate birthdays together. It was not possible without my partner in crime Ifrah . . . who always listened to me every time and gave suggestions to make our book club better and our regular members who are always present at our meetups shared their reviews and filled it with so much laughter and unforgettable memories.

If you want to become a part of our book club you can join us here.

Find us here:



Facebook Group:





    1. Not really, you can join our Facebook group to discuss books or you can share your book reviews with KBSKitabReview tag on instagram.


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