Month: July 2019

Catchy, Upbeat and Nostalgic: Bushra Ansari’s Dadi Cool Hits the Groovy Notes

Bushra Ansari is a true living legend who has continued to dominate the entertainment industry for over five decades. From acting, to singing, hosting and writing, she has done it all and aced each undertaking. On this Chaand Raat, Bushra Ansari uploaded new sensational song “Dadi Cool”. The song was an instant hit. The audience lauded Bushra‘s acting versatility and her ability to adapt into a variety of characters. I am seeing her from my school days and I think she is not getting old but becoming more young and energetic with time.

The song on the other hand gained more popularity and was soon shared on Patari. Also became one of the most shared song of the month.


Entertainment bloggers were asked by the public to review the song who also appreciated the effort and admired Bushra’s Liveliness. Among these were big social media names like Shafiq of Media Magick and CBM.

Another public favorite, FaizaSaleem also gave a shout-out to look out for something really cool coming up on Waves’ page. (Link:


TVC Launch:

Waves Pakistan recently launched TVC for the new Waves Alpha Triplet Deep Freezer which has Digitized Touch Control Panel & Proximity lights that operate on Motion Detection.

Dadi Cool had a catchy beat and soon people were grooving to its captivating melody. Some famous social media celebrities joined in this musical trend and imitated Bushra’s dance moves. This initiated a viral trend of enthusiasts who made similar dance off videos and shared them on Tik-Tok. I thought I should join this trend and shared my Dadi Cool video on Twitter.

In short, multi-talented actress Bushra Ansari never fails to disappoint, no matter what she does and as Dadi Cool for Waves Pakistan she proves again that she is a born artist and always surprise her fans with her memorable performances.