Pizza Hut’s New Doritos Pizza Review

As I love Doritos and Pizza, last night I tried Pizza Hut’s new Doritos Pizza Chicken Fajita flavor. They delivered it on time and it was oven hot. It was a thin crust pizza topped with Doritos. The chips gave the pizza a satisfying crunch and contrasted nicely with the thin doughy base. I think Pizza Hut has came up with the best idea so far to serve Doritos and cheesy dough pizza together.

Doritos Pizza

From the first bite, that is one complex pizza. Under the Doritos there is a thin crust, topped with white gooey cheese and chicken fajita chunks. Just when your mouth thinks it has a handle on the texture, it all changes.

Doritos Pizza by Pizza Hut

Overall it was a must try pizza. It was not dry as people said but quite yummy and crunchy.


Spreading #BigThickSmiles at #KarachiEat

Apart from long queues to find a parking at Karachi Eat Festival it was worth visiting. As I entered through the main gate there were lots of stalls selling some exclusive mouth-watering food items but Big Thick Burgerz stall caught my eye as they were feeding a street child after every 10 burgers sold. So many people were donating generously as they’ve set a board to mention sales and donations they’ve made for #BigThickSmiles. It’s really good to see that someone has come with some creative idea.


I’ve tried Texan Style Beef Burger, my burger was very juicy as the patty was perfectly grilled. I love my burger as my patty or sauces are falling out of the burger. Apart from that Nutella Waffles by Bond Street Waffles, Open faced Danish sandwiches and Calamari and mozzarella sticks from The Patio was a must try.

Big Thick Burgerz

My Texan Style Beef Burger by BTB