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Why #KarachiTeaFestival is unique from #KarachiFoodFestival

Karachi Tea Festival

Karachi Tea Festival

For the first time in Pakistan! Karachi Tea Festival is happening this weekend at Frere Hall, Karachi from 4th to 6th March 2016. Yesterday I’ve attended a meeting at T2F organized by the team of Karachi Tea Festival to share their idea behind this festival.

Karachi Tea Festival

Meeting was attended by famous politicians Faisal Subswari, Syed Ali Raza Abidi and renowned TV anchor Madeha Naqvi. Lots of people have shared their ideas to make this festival more better. Its a families only event with 250Rs. for entry charges. Timings for first day will be 6pm-11pm while 2nd and 3rd day it will starts from 10am till 11pm.

Karachi Tea Festival

Tea and Rusk after the meeting

These are the following reasons why Karachi Tea Festival is unique from Karachi Food Festival.

– There will be a special hour for special persons on 2nd day of the festival from 10am-11am. There will be free entry for them.

– On third day there will be senior citizen hour from 10am-11am. Their entry will be free at this hour.

– Aman Baat Cheet Dhaba from Lyari will there too.

– T2F will be setting up their stall and story telling sessions by famous authors.

– Cafe Pyala will be there too, serving tea in their special pyalas.

– Khana Badhosh will be setting up their camp and media wall where people can know more about this group.

Mai Dhai will be at Thar stall on all 3 days of the festival.

Shaukhat Khanum Hospital has came up with the unique idea of collecting donations called ‘Tea with Celebrity’. Where anyone can pay to have tea with different celebrities.

– For the first time ‘Karachi Tea Festival’ has two official media partners, Dawn and Hum Network.

– There is a special Hi-tea section from 10 different countries from around the world.

– There will be a fusion performance of Qawwali with Jazz music on 2nd of the festival from 9pm.

– On 2nd and 3rd day there will be Qawwali performance at the main stage.

– You can have rusk, bakarkhani and nankhatai with chai at different stalls at the festival.