Astrophotography in 2016

Here are the snippets from all the astronomy I’ve done in 2016.

Waxing gibbous Moon as on 22nd Jan. 2016


On 6th Mar. 2016 I was a part of our usual Urban astronomy session with these awesome people  at Sahal Telescopes and Binoculars headquarter.


From L: Ramiz,Zain,ME,Farrukh & telescope

On 18th Apr. I attended first event of ‘Global Astronomy Month’ by Karachi Astronomers Society at Zamzama Park. It was a public event for viewing Moon & Jupiter via telescope. We have 2 telescopes; 6 inch SkyWatcher Dobsonian telescope & 90mm telescope. Attended by 500 people and lots of them are curious about these telescopes & the objects in the sky.


On 24th April there was another Global Astronomy event where I viewed Sunspots through telescope at ‘Solar Sunday & Jupiter Watch’ held by Karachi Astronomers Society at PIA Planetarium.


On 9th May I had an amazing opportunity  to witness Mercury Transit at the Kastrodome observatory. This event is so rare that it happened only 13 times in a century.


On  18th May, as a premium member of Karachi Astronomers Society (KAS) I received members kit containing a t-shirt, car sticker, membership card, solar glasses & contact card.


On 16th June I captured 87% illuminated waxing gibbous Moon in Karachi. It’s amazing to see the crater details near the terminator.


On 13th Aug. I was so excited for the Perseid meteor shower as it was  the peak night. I spent 5hrs on my roof. First there was some scattered clouds in Karachi then at 4am it was all cloudy. My meteor count was 13 and captured two in my camera.


On 17th Sep. there was Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which is different from normal Lunar Eclipse. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is only a semi darkening of the moons limbs, so it’s quite hard to notice with naked eye. I was on my roof from 8pm-1am to witness this. I setup my camera for time-lapse video but then I decided to make a Moon Collage to show  the change with time.


On 6th Oct. I captured 16.2% illuminated waxing crescent moon in Karachi as I love the details of waxing crescent.


21st Oct. was the peak night of Orionid Meteor Shower in Karachi so I was at my roof at 4am it was quite humid but the sky was clear so I setup my camera and luckily just before fajr prayers I captured 2 meteors in my camera. In 1.5 hrs I’ve seen 10 meteors. In the picture you can see the brightest star Sirius, M42 only nebula which is visible with naked eye, Betelgeuse  and of-course the Orionid Meteor. . . Have you seen any meteor shower in your city ?


On 14th Nov. there was  a Supermoon which is the closest supermoon since January 26, 1948 and  the moon won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034. I shared that photo on twitter and  Maddie Stone from Gizmodo asked me if he can share that picture with credit.


After that conversation that image has been featured at Gizmodo.


All the images can be found at #fnastronomy hashtag on instagram.




An Unusual Experience

Yesterday I had an unusual experience. A guy called me and he wants a photo session of his newly born daughter. I’ve done baby shower in the past but this is something new. I reached the hospital, outside the room there was huge crowd waiting, while no one was inside except the parents and her daughter. He looks so excited,  as he told me that he can’t forget this day as he got a new car from his boss and a beautiful gift from God.


He ended the conversation with Hadith that, “They will be a shield for him from the Fire.” Usually in our society people celebrate when their son is born but I think that thinking is changing.

Sunset/Sunrise – #iGraphy

Recently I’ve been introduced to the #iGraphy – photography link up via the Noor Unnahar’s blog at Noor’s Place. So after seeing her recent post, I thought I should give it a try and this week my theme will be Sunset/Sunrise. I just love the sunset/sunrise they are the signs of the beginning and the ending of the day. Clouds play important part during sunset/sunrise cos they add more drama to them. It is such a beautiful display of the nature, the changing color hues, cool breeze and the shifting thin clouds which makes a perfect sunsets/sunrise. So here I’ll be sharing some of my best sunset/sunrise photos captured at different locations. Usually I captured Sunrises during our Astrophotography trips to the interior Sindh or at my friend’s building roof which gives perfect 360 view of the city. The best thing about those Astrophotography trips to the interior Sindh that we can see the sunrise from the horizon which is difficult to find in the urban city.

Sunrise at Mirpur Sakro, Sindh

Sunrise at Mirpur Sakro, Sindh

Captured at Mirpur Sakro, Sindh and processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset.

Sunset during a rainy day in Karachi

Sunset during a rainy day in Karachi

Captured during a rainy day in Karachi, processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset.

Sunrise from my friend's roof after the astro session

Sunrise from my friend’s building roof after the astro session

Captured at my friend’s building roof after the astro session, processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset.

Sunset from my roof

Dramatic Sunset from my roof

Captured at my roof, processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset.

Sunset at Mirpur Sakro, Sindh

Sunset at Mirpur Sakro, Sindh

Captured at Mirpur Sakro, Sindh and processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset.

You can follow me on Instagram or VSCOCam and you can see all my Astrophotography photos here.

#iGraphy - A Photography link up
#iGraphy – photography link up

Exploring the Night Sky

Over the years I have explored so many beautiful objects in the night sky with telescope, binoculars and dslr thanks to my twitter friend Ramiz he was the one who introduced me to the Astronomy. I usually spent my nights on my roof just looking at the stars and try to capture some pictures, If the sky is clear cos sometimes it bit hazy or too much light pollution. Here are some of my best photographs and some of them has been featured on different websites or on their facebook or twitter accounts.

Venus and Mercury Conjunction on 11th Jan. 2015

Venus and Mercury Conjunction on 11th Jan. 2015

First one is the Mercury and the Venus conjunction at the beginning of this year. This was the first time I’ve seen Planet Mercury. I’ve seen the path of Mercury and on the 11th Jan. they became close enough so I took an early off from my office just to capture this beautiful picture from my roof.

Waxing Crescent captured on 25th Jan. 2015

Waxing Crescent featured on EarthSky Twitter

I posted this picture on Karachi Amateur Astronomers Society (FB Group) but no one liked it. Here is the link. But when I submitted that picture on Earthsky website and they posted it on their twitter account, it got 21 RTs and 31 favs. and that was my picture featured on any website and I was so excited about this.

After that I captured an ISS (International Space Station) pass in Karachi and I posted it on my instagram from their ISS on instagram liked my picture

And after that they posted it on the album featuring all the photos of the pass from around the world mentioning my instagram handle and the place. This was something huge for me, official account of ISS on facebook has included my photo from instagram. Here is the link

ISS pass through my roof

ISS pass picture featured on Official ISS Facebook page

Then I submitted Mars and Venus conjunction with the crescent moon photo on Earthsky and they featured that photo on 20 favorite photos of February 20 planets and moon This is one lucky year for me, Alhamdulillah!

Mars and Venus conjunction with the crescent moon

Mars and Venus conjunction with the crescent moon featured on Earthsky Website